VT3 Studio unveils video conversion software

VT3 Studio, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of multimedia transcoding software, has introduced its VT3 Video Suite, which enables users to convert more than 100 formats of audio, graphics and video files into Flash media files in one-third of real time.

VT3 Video Suite allows users to import video files from any multimedia format and transcode or convert the file for output in any multimedia format in a fraction of real time. The program can also generate multiple, high-quality streaming files simultaneously at a rate much faster than any other software solution. Additionally, VT3 Studio will offer a multimedia filter pack that allows every format of video to immediately play on every available multimedia player on a user’s computer.

The software is currently available for Windows, and Mac and Linux versions are being developed for release later this year.

For more information, visit www.vt3studio.com.