Volicon to Introduce Observer UNO at NAB2006

At NAB2006, Volicon will introduce Observer UNO, a new version of its Observer flagship media monitoring system designed for single-channel environments.

Like Observer, UNO uses Volicon's proprietary video processing technology to give a large number of users simultaneous access to live and archived content on local networks and the Internet. Users can log their own and competitors' broadcasts, as well as retrieve and analyze video clips with metadata, locally or remotely. At 1 RU, it takes up a smaller footprint than the traditional Observer and provides 30 (versus 180) maximum days of storage.

With Observer UNO, broadcasters can save time in monitoring news and other broadcast content. It automatically records content 24/7, allowing users access at the click of a button on their desktops. For example, the process of searching for, recording, editing, and delivering news updates, which used to take hours to complete, can been reduced to just minutes.

Volicon will also unveil Version 2.0 software for Observer at the show. Volicon is a provider of video monitoring, recording, archiving, and streaming systems based in Burlington, Mass.

Volicon will be in Booth C2316.