Volicon Observer 6.0 offers integrated loudness monitoring

Volicon has introduced the integrated real-time loudness monitoring capabilities of its Observer 6.0 video monitoring and logging system to the cable market.

The Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) and MPEG TS systems offer loudness monitoring tools that help cable operators to maintain compliance with the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act) (ATSC A/85 RP) and the EBU P/LOUD R 128 specification by monitoring and logging the audio, video and BS.1770-2 loudness measurements, while providing an easy method to export a visual affidavit to address loudness complaints quickly and easily.

The Observer TS and RPM provide the cable operator with a tool to monitor and review ad loudness along with a recorded and exportable A/V affidavit with frame-accurate measurements.