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Vizrt showcases social TV system at IBC 2013

At IBC 2013, Vizrt showed a social TV solution that integrates Applicaster’s broadcast platform for delivering multi-screen experiences, to deliver a seamless workflow to synchronize user inputs and integrate user participation into the main broadcast.

Applicaster engages viewers with a variety of entertainment layers that turn them into active participants and consumers. Applicaster’s platform includes features that retrieve user feedback, then, by integrating with the Vizrt Social TV Solution, sends the feedback to the control room for on-air use.

Integrating Applicaster’s user input-based features with the Vizrt Social TV Solution enables an easy workflow for broadcasters. They can now automate and complete the cross-platform connection between second-screen applications and the main TV screen.

Mobile application users may answer any quiz/poll/trivia game and participate in a variety of games and activities, while the real-time results of all users are rendered on-air using Viz Engine. As soon as users interact with their companion apps, broadcasters are able to harvest any inputs from their second-screen applications and simultaneously trigger and visualize the results on-air.