Vizrt announces Viz Multichannel 2.5 channel branding software

At IBC2009, Vizrt announced Viz Multichannel 2.5, the lastest version of its channel branding software. Viz Multichannel integrates Vizrt’s real-time 2-D/3-D graphics and effects with industry-leading broadcast automation, traffic and delivery systems. This gives broadcasters a hands-off workflow for presenting tickers, banners, snipes and program schedule graphics for more dynamic channel branding.

Multichannel 2.5 provides many new user-friendly features and operational capabilities that further streamline and automate the workflow, including full integration with Viz Ticker3D — a flexible tool for designing and building graphics-rich tickers. With this integration, Ticker3D elements can be positioned on-screen with their “buttons” in a pane, which allows the tickers to be triggered either manually or automatically, timed or by automation. Users may also define the import and update rules for these Ticker 3D graphics to be scheduled either by Multichannel or according to traffic/automation system.

Multichannel 2.5 also adds a new settings user interface. It is more channel-based, and enables users to import and export settings, save to/restore from default on a per-channel basis and use multi-language support. In addition, an improved import/update mechanism results in performance enhancements and the ability to work with all traffic and automation systems available.

Multichannel 2.5 includes an improved interface with Viz Video Hub, Vizrt’s video clips database. Using this interface, video clips can be displayed as part of the graphic or the main video. The new version also includes the ability to automatically send editable templates from the scheduling station to a defined channel in the master control room, cross-channel promotion, GMT offset as required for traffic and automation scheduling, and automatic deletion of old, edited templates.