Vizio Ads Launches Ad Frequency Control Capability

(Image credit: Vizio)

IRVINE, Calif.—Vizio Ads is adding a new skill to its toolbelt, announcing the launch of Universal Frequency Control, which enables brands to set limits on how often a Vizio TV within a household is exposed to a specific ad creative when placing an ad through its platform.

Universal Frequency Control measures the number of times an ad is exposed at the glass-level for each TV in a household across linear, CTV, VOD and OTT. This allows brands to limit how much a brand appears on a device by day, week or month.

This new frequency control capability is powered using data from Inscape, Vizio’s ACR data business.

"With this new frequency control offering, brands can use deterministic information to control linear and CTV advertising experiences at the device level," says Travis Hockersmith, vice president, Platform Business at VIZIO. "This solves a major problem marketers face when diversifying and managing their reach to TV audiences. Most importantly it will make a much better experience for viewers at home, which is our primary focus."

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