Vitec Rolls Out New IP Gateway Distribution Platform

(Image credit: Vitec)

ATLANTA—Video encoding and streaming provider Vitec has introduced the MGW ChannelLink IP distribution gateway for use in broadcast, corporate and government sectors.

MGW ChannelLink acts as a central hub where IP channels from the field can be received and transmitted live over any IP network. It can receive a large number of input streamers and translate them into a multicast or unicast MPEG Transport Stream over UDP or an SRT-protected stream.

The system can be used for stream management, routing, rebroadcasting or IPTV stream reflection over WAN or the internet. It can simplify content delivery of live channels and is designed to meet stringent security criteria.

Vitec says that MGW ChannelLink has the lowest processing time for IP-based channels. It can be used in conjunction with Vtiec’s MGW Ace encoder and decoder in its ultra-low latency HEVC profile to provide end-to-end latency without compromising video quality. It is also capable of remote production and contribution over the internet.

MGW ChannelLink is fully interoperable with third-party encoders and decoders. The compression-standard-agnostic gateway is compatible with MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC codecs, any resolution or frame rate and is engineered to support future transport protocols, Vitec says.

Users can manage all incoming channels and view information and statistics. The gateway also serves as a centralized location for aggregating content and monitoring incoming streams, with a large number of channel sources being sent to a single IP address associated with the MGW ChannelLink. In addition, the system’s interface is designed to simplify channel source-to-destination routing.

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