Vislink Releases IP-Native Quantum Wireless Camera Receiver

Vislink Quantum
(Image credit: Vislink)

HACKETTSTOWN, N.J.—Vislink is launching the Quantum IP-native wireless camera receiver, which incorporates IP connectivity to provide reliable reception from wireless camera transmitters and more efficient workflows, the company says.

Quantum is an IP-native, high-performance RF receiver that enables production teams to implement remote production systems. It delivers content directly over IP fiber networks and cuts out additional video compressions stages, allowing for the removal of additional equipment CAPEX costs and increase video quality, per Vislink.

The Quantum receiver can provide built-in SRT capability to contribute video over the unmanaged internet. It also extends the number of RF inputs on a wireless camera receiver to 16, which enables wider area of coverage and RF coverage through MRC and Packet switching technology.

The unit also features a touchscreen interface and APIs for integration into system control and orchestration tools. There is also low latency video processing technology for multiformat video decoding that supports all major video formats. It’s also a SMPTE 2110-ready device.

Vislink built Quantum to work on both remote production and on-site live event coverage, said Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink.

“By putting IP connectivity at the heart of the Quantum receiver, Vislink can help content creators fully modernize their networks to deliver high-impact wireless camera images and simplify the infrastructure required to bring that content home,” Miller said.

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