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Vinten introduces Vision bluebridge pan-tilt head accessory

Vinten has created the Vision bluebridge, an accessory that works with any of the pan-and-tilt heads in the Vision blue range to extend payloads, which can be perfectly balanced.

The new accessory provides camera operators with flexibility whether using the original Vision blue, the recently launched Vision blue3 or the Vision blue5. The Vision bluebridge works by shifting the payload range down and gives users a cost-effective option by extending the payload capabilities of their chosen Vision blue system. This means operators effectively need one single tripod system for their shoots.

The Vision blue family encompasses the three next generation head and tripod systems providing balance for payloads as low as 4.6lbs, to suit the lightest of camcorders and DSLRs, up to 26.5lbs for the larger professional cameras.

The Vision bluebridge works by giving an additional offset (45mm) of the payload from the tilt axis. The counterbalance system is required to provide more output per unit weight of payload, and therefore the total balance capability of the pan and tilt head is shifted downwards.

See Vinten at 2013 NAB Show booth C6025.