ViewSat monitors out-of-footprint channels with Volicon Observer RPM

ViewSat is using the Volicon Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) to monitor out-of-footprint channels the company delivers to markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

Rather than rely on alerts from local partners, ViewSat uses the Observer RPM to monitor 19 different channels delivered via satellite, enabling a prompt response to any audio or video quality issues.

From its UK network operations center, ViewSat provides global broadcast and distribution services to Africa, the Middle East and other areas of world. Monitoring remote broadcasts delivered by ViewSat via Atlantic Bird 4a, the Observer RPM scans channels around the clock and automatically tests signal integrity, issues alerts (via email and SNMP), and captures the problematic content when channels do not conform to pre-specified limits.

The Observer RPM can monitor linear content for video or audio errors, such as closed captioning, audio levels, and static screen or black screen. Authorized ViewSat operators access video and monitoring tools through an intuitive and secure Web-based interface.