Video Clarity Announces ClearView Player IP

CAMPBELL, CALIF.—Video Clarity says it is ushering in a new category of playback servers for IP infrastructures with the release of the ClearView Player IP. This high-capacity server comes with playlist functions for the automatic playing and recording of uncompressed video using IP-related video transport standards.

ClearView Player IP is designed to playback one or two channels of video programming into a SMPTE 2022-6/7-compliant network, with an eye toward supporting SMPTE 2110 once it is developed. The system can view the video for quality or feed the output to a processing engine for pre-channel or pre-program deployment quality testing. ClearView could also be deployed for broadcast- or venue-based playback when uncompressed video is required in an all-IP environment.

Working within new uncompressed video networking standards, ClearView can record one and play up to two programs of uncompressed video and audio to and from a large storage array. The graphical interface provides start commands for video and audio playback. Users can play up to two sequences of video locked to one command, loop or stop. Automation of program playback and the creation of a playlist for back-to-back video/audio sequences are also available.

Video Clarity is now offering the ClearView Player IP in three models: 1RU, small portable, and 3RU, all of which can record one or play two HD programs as uncompressed IP up to 1080p/60Hz. The 1RU and portable versions feature an IP interface and an optional SDI-only configuration. The 3RU model has the ability to also record or play 4K formats on HD-SDI and playback with HDMI outputs.