Vidchecker V.7 Announced by Vidcheck

BRISTOL, ENGLAND—Provider of automated quality control and correction of file-based media, Vidcheck has announced the latest upgrade to its Vidchecker software. Vidchecker V.7 will feature new automated correction options, allowing for the addition of file-correction capabilities.

New features for Vidchecker V.7 include automatic video segment detection, advanced validation of Interoperable Master Format metadata and essence, multi-lingual alerts, and peak attenuation. The updated version also uses parallel processing architecture employed in modern digital microprocessors.

The automated error correction options that are introduced as part of Vidchecker V.7 combine detection and correction into a single application. These new options include layout changes allowing automatic addition of bars and black to a file without interruption; PSE correction; and transcoding.

A majority of the new V.7 features are also available on Vidchecker-post.

Vidcheck says that Vidchecker V.7 will be available as a free upgrade to existing customers with current Vidcheck software maintenance contracts, and to Vidcheck On-Demand license holders.