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VertigoXmedia Debuts Xstation at NAB2006

VertigoXmedia will showcase the Xstation media platform at NAB2006.

Billed as the "ultimate channel-in-a-box," Xstation can perform everything needed to create, schedule, automate and air infochannels and DTV subchannels. The system can operate in a stand-alone configuration, as part of an integrated scheduling and control system, or can be driven from existing station automation.

Xstation dynamically controls all program elements, including long-form video, promos, commercials, tickers and crawls, sponsor logos, local weather information and branding elements.

The system is built around other Vertigo applications and is founded on the Vertigo Xmedia Suite. Channel configurations created with Xstation are fully compatible with Xmedia suite, allowing TV stations to create local infochannels, yet still integrate with a distributed network of centralized content.

VertigoXmedia will be in Booth SL4726.