Veritone, WideOrbit Collab Helps Drive Ad Revenue at TV Station Group

(Image credit: Veritone)

COSTA MESA, Calif.—Veritone has announced that its integration with WideOrbit has proven to be a boon for a leading U.S.-based TV station group in terms of customer satisfaction, renewals and incremental ad revenue opportunities as a result of the AI-powered data insights delivered in near real-time. 

The collaboration between the two companies features Veritone’s aiWARE operating system and WideOrbit's ad management and tracking platform, WO Traffic. Using the integration has allowed the stations to retain more advertising revenue and compete for new advertising share, Veritone reports.

WO Traffic aggregates all client ad data into a single source. WideOrbit’s API then centralizes specific customer log info from this data lake and transmits it to Veritone Attribute. The Attribute platform is designed to help broadcasters demonstrate the effectiveness of their offering and work with advertisers on strategies. This provides near real-time ad performance analytics on live, organic mentions, in-content and pre-recorded campaigns, Veritone says.

The Veritone and WideOrbit integration can be used by both TV and radio broadcasters. Attribute programmatically compares reconciled spot times within WO Traffic to web traffic and visitor data from an advertiser’s site.

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