Verimatrix introduces next-generation security architecture

Verimatrix will introduce at IBC2009 its next-generation Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) core architecture, VCAS 3, the latest addition to the company's digital rights management (DRM) system. This enhanced security architecture extends security from protecting content protection to supplying a reliable foundation for reaching out to new revenue opportunities.

VCAS for Mobile TV lets pay-TV companies serve growing consumer demand for TV or video content "anywhere, any time, on any device" using robust content protection without specialist security hardware. It secures video within a home network, streaming or downloaded applications, and mobile broadcasting networks.

The system leverages the hybrid nature of mobile video platforms, where a mobile TV broadcast network can be combined with an IP connection via a mobile data network or local WiFi access.

Verimatrix chief sales and marketing officer Steve Oetegenn will also give a talk, "Content Security: Ensuring Content is not Misused," at the conference Sept. 11. "An organization that has multiple assets, whether they be sound, pictures or data, has to ask the question, 'How can I ensure that the content I have expensively produced is delivered to my paying customers and not to freeloaders?'" Oetegenn says. "A controversial topic for some, but content creation is never free, so the real question is how you ensure you remain in business if your assets are not making a return."

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