Utah Scientific develops low-cost Professional Products series

Utah Scientific is using the upcoming HD World conference in New York to showcase a new router control panel and a new series of low-cost routing products for smaller facilities.

At the HD World Show, the company will exhibit its full range of UTAH-400 routers with frame sizes (from 32 x 32 up to 1056 x 1056), as well as a new visual control panel, the UCP-MV. The 3RU panel offers a completely new approach to user interface design for routing switchers by employing two touch-screen LCD monitors to combine monitoring and control functions.

At HD World, Utah Scientific will also showcase its UTAH-100 Professional Products series, a new line of small routers, distribution amplifiers and associated products targeted at smaller broadcast and nonbroadcast facilities.

The UTAH-100 Professional Products series includes fixed-frame and modular routers and distribution amplifiers for signal types ranging from analog to the new 3Gb/s HD format. The routers are available in fixed-frame sizes of 8 x 8 and 16 x 16 with 1RU and 2RU modular frames that support routers sized up to 16 x 16 and 32 x 32, respectively. The new series also includes a sync and test signal generator with options designed for all professional video applications.