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UltraViolet commences with B2B deployment in United States

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), an open, cross-industry consortium of more than 70 companies dedicated to facilitating the development and operation of UltraViolet, has announced the launch of its licensing program for content, technology and service providers.

DECE continues to anticipate that beginning in the fall, consumers in the United States will be able to purchase select movies and TV shows with UltraViolet rights.

UltraViolet will provide consumers with a new way to collect and enjoy movies and TV shows from a wide array of outlets. This ecosystem will combine the benefits of cloud access with the power of an open, industry standard.

Becoming an UltraViolet licensee will enable companies to implement technical specs; market content, services and products with the UltraViolet name and logo; and make use of a centralized digital rights locker system for consumers’ management of their UltraViolet proofs-of-purchase.