TVMAX migrates with Scopus Piccolo solution

Scopus Video Networks has announced that Texas-based TVMAX has purchased a complete Piccolo headend solution to support its migration to an all-digital network.

With approximately 100,000 homes passed, TVMAX provides cable services to MDU (multiple dwelling unit) housing communities in the greater Houston, TX, area. The new installation will enable the company to deliver digital programming to subscribers securely and cost-effectively.

TVMAX will use the company’s UE-9240 real-time QUAD MPEG-2 encoders to compress local channels while IVG-7102 Intelligent Headend Video Gateways will aggregate feeds for each multicast and perform grooming, rate shaping and ASI-to-GigE conversion. Programming will be processed by the IVG-7208 Intelligent Broadcast QAM Gateway for delivery to the RF network and subsequent end-user reception via a digital set-top box (STB).

TVMAX will streamline ad insertion by incorporating the IVG-7500 Intelligent Video Splicer into the mix. It features seamless splicing and standards-based DPI implementation for compatibility with major ad server providers.

Scopus’ experience in working with DVB architectures and the industry’s conditional access (CA) providers enabled smooth integration of the Conax CA encryption solution into the TVMAX digital delivery model, which in turn will allow for use of lower-cost digital STBs that scale well economically as older, existing systems are phased out.

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