T-VIPS Gateways bring video over IP to Marist College

T-VIPS, a Norwegian based video contribution and distribution specialist, is supplying its TVG430 HD JPEG2000 Video Gateway to facilitate real-time HD-SDI video contribution over an IP network linking Marist College’s hub facility in New York with its on-campus TV studio nearby along the Hudson River. The IP connection was set up by Azzuro HD, a New York-based provider of broadcast-quality video transmission services.

The TVG430 Video Gateways are configured as an encoder and decoder on either end of the fiber circuit and enable Azzurro HD to transport live HD-SDI contribution video over IP fiber networks from Marist College to any television network. From its all-digital ASI, SDI, and HD video switching facility in “The Hub” at 32 Avenue of the Americas in New York City, Azzurro HD provides and manages real-time switching and transmission of broadcast-quality video via long-haul fiber and satellite circuits so that its customers can send feeds to any point domestically or globally. Azzurro HD services range from 24/7 networking solutions to real time transport of contribution video for customers with just an occasional need.

TVG430 Gateways enable JPEG2000 compression of HD-SDI HDTV video contribution. The TVG430 utilizes JPEG2000 compression to transmit HDTV (and SD) signals over Gigabit Ethernet links in real-time at bitrates in the 50Mb/s to 200Mb/s range. The gateway can be configured as either an encoder or decoder.