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TV One unveils 1T-VS-647 SDI to HDMI scaler with audio

TV One has added the 1T-VS-647 SDI to HDMI scaler with audio to its TV One-task product line. The scaler converts a variety of SDI transmission rates and video resolutions into an HDMI signal. It also provides audio flexibility by outputting the audio embedded in the SDI signal to external connectors (both analog and digital formats) for distribution separate from the HDMI data stream.

The 1T-VS-647 features bit rates to 2.970Gb/s, allowing processing of resolutions up to and including 1080p. SMPTE standards 425 A&B, 424M, 292M & 259M-C are supported, and SMPTE 425M level B to level A Conversion is standard. Automatic Input Video Format Detection and an On Screen Menu display are designed to make operation easy and intuitive.

Additional capabilities include SDI loop-thru with equalization and reclocking, which means the 1T-VS-647 doubles as an SDI repeater. Finally, as part of the SDI to HDMI scaling process, SDI timing is automatically converted to PC timing parameters.