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TV One Announces New LCD Color Monitors

ERLANGER, KY.: The new LM-1920R and LM-1520R are the latest additions to TV One’s growing range of broadcast and production LCD displays.

The LM-1920R and LM-1520R are high-performance color LCD Monitors for the professional market. Their respective sizes are 19 inches and 15 inches diagonally and they are housed in rack-mount housings that tilt up or down to optimize the viewing angle. An integrated swivel stand is also included on the rear of both units to allow table top use if desired.

The LM-1920R and LM-1520R feature high brightness, active matrix LCDs with wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios, PIP and POP. They are flicker-free, space saving, low radiation units that feature low power consumption. NTSC and PAL television standards are supported and automatically detected.

Both models have two composite video, one YC, three stereo audio inputs. The composite video inputs are automatically terminated. Also, HD-15 and DVI-D PC inputs are provided and can accommodate resolutions up to XGA for the LM-1520R and SXGA for the LM-1920R. Dual built-in speakers are driven by 2W amplifiers to provide stereo audio monitoring capabilities.