Triveni Digital unveils bandwidth utilization, emergency response systems

Triveni Digital recently unveiled its Ensignia Digital Signage and Ensignia ESN solutions.

Ensignia Digital Signage is an integrated suite of products from Triveni Digital and its partners LG Electronics and Diversified Media Group (DMG). This solution optimizes bandwidth utilization and allows for scheduled content distribution based on service level agreements (SLAs). Advertising content displayed can range from simple text and still images to full-motion video, with or without audio. LG Electronics screens with integrated controllers simplify installation and maintenance while reducing footprint requirements.

The Ensignia ESN solution is an end-to-end communications network system. Using any transport media, such as digital TV broadcast, satellite, broadband and WiMAX, ESN provides a secure data path, delivering training, operational and emergency alert information to targeted first responder sites.

Homeland Security, emergency management, police, fire, health and other public safety agencies can use Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper solution to deliver training information and emergency communications via data broadcasting. An on-demand information network is also up-to-date and available. The system uses content encryption during transmission to ensure security is equally applicable for local, state, regional and national agencies.

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