Triveni Digital Adds 10GigE Monitoring to StreamScope RM-40

PRINCETON, N.J.—Triveni Digital has announced it has added 10GigE monitoring capabilities to its StreamScope RM-40 DTV transport stream monitoring system. Cable operators can now identify and resolve video and audio quality issues from the 10GigE core network to the edge QAM, while also ensuring closed-captioning and audio loudness standard compliance.

The StreamScope RM-40 supports high throughput while maintaining all monitoring capabilities. The system can minimize mean time to repair by determining which errors must be addressed and which can be ignored. With the system’s automated stream comparison function, cable operators can check and report for expected relationships between digital video streams. It also provides real-time, intelligent filtering to speed up operations, classify and filter errors based on error severity scales according to SCTE-142.

When an issue has been detected, the StreamScope RM-40 provides a real-time report with high-resolution video thumbnails and text. The system also features a color-coded Web-based user interface that displays video and audio thumbnails, bitrate graphs, loudness measurements, alert triggers and more on laptops, PCs and mobile devices.