Torque Issues Pelican Mass Transcoding Platform

(Image credit: Torque Video Systems)

SINGAPORE—Torque Video Systems is launching the Torque Pelican platform, a scalable mass transcoding platform.

Pelican features multichannel overlay that allows for superimposing custom graphics, text or RSS feeds onto live content, all done in the compressed domain. The system also has mass decode-encode functionality for H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC for live IP transcode and file-based transcode workflows. Pelican can  also allow users to encode contribution links with high-quality HEVC before sending to a studio.

Pelican is available in two models: a 1RU platform that provides up to eight HD encoders, and a slot-based model that provides user-expandability for up to 64 HD encoders, also in a 1RU space. Each model offers a web-based GUI for direct control, as well as REST API for integration into other control systems. They each also use NetInt Codensity hardware codec technology, which offloads intensive operations to parallel VLSI compute elements.

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