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Tonelux to introduce TILT tone control at NAMM

Tonelux will introduce its new TILT eight-channel tone control at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, in January. The TILT, designed by Tonelux founder Paul Wolff, rebalances a channel’s high- and low-frequency content via a single knob and was first featured on the company’s MP1a discrete mic preamp module.

Centered on approximately 700Hz, the TILT control knob boosts high frequencies from 0dB to 6dB while simultaneously cutting low frequencies by the same amount when turned fully to the right. When turned to the left, low frequencies are boosted by up to 6dB, while high frequencies are similarly cut. This allows a user to conveniently alter the EQ of a track to better fit into the mix using a single rotary control.

The TILT effectively is perfect for vocals, for warming up or cooling off tracks and as the final stage in a live personal monitoring system when the overall mix needs to be changed slightly to compensate for ear fatigue.

Each of the TILT’s eight channels features a rotary TILT control knob with associated in/out and polarity reverse switches, plus separate LED indication of signal presence and clipping. Inputs and outputs for channels one and two are accessed via XLR connectors, with a D-sub multipin connector offering I/O access for all eight channels.

The new Tonelux TILT eight-channel tone control unit is the first product of a new Tonelux range that will also include a dual-channel microphone preamplifier and a dual compressor, as well as a channel strip, all of which feature a steel chassis and 1RU form factor.

The Tonelux TILT will be on display at the TransAudio Group’s NAMM Booth 6849 in Hall A.