TNDV Simplifies Fiber Transport With MultiDyne

LOCUST VALLEY, N.Y.— MultiDyne announced that TNDV has chosen MultiDyne’s SMPTE-HUT universal camera transceiver to simplify fiber transport and improve signal integrity for live and recorded productions. The device is esigned to extend transmission distances of HD cameras limited by hybrid copper/fiber cable up to 10 km using two single-mode fibers.

TNDV is using SMPTE-HUT on its HD production trucks to support a variety of applications, including live sports, broadcast entertainment specials, and corporate events. Prior to deploying SMPTE-HUT, TNDV would typically use 10, 1,000-foot cables for a 10-camera production. With SMPTE-HUT, the production company can use a single tactical fiber connection, or two at most, resulting in substantial savings in terms of time, money, and weight involved with having to carry multiple hybrid cables. In addition, SMPTE-HUT seamlessly reduces RD, EMI, and grounding issues, maximizing TNDV’s reliability in the field.

The SMPTE-HUT can be used as both a passive, unpowered system or as a powered system, and supports a range of HD camera models, including those by Sony, Ikegami, Grass Valley, and Panasonic. Operators can customize the SMPTE-HUT system by choosing optical or hybrid connectors that best match their specific requirements.