Télé-Québec monitors signals with Volicon Observer

French-Canadian public television station Télé-Québec has chosen the Volicon Observer desktop logging and monitoring solution as part of the station’s upcoming migration to file-based HD broadcasting. The Observer enables Télé-Québec to meet regulatory requirements for video archiving and demonstrate proof-of-service to advertisers.

Télé-Québec serves citizens throughout the Quebec province with a full range of educational, cultural, and entertainment programming. The station has purchased a two-channel Observer system; the first channel is already in use to provide around-the-clock monitoring and recording of the current SD broadcast. The second channel will be used for Télé-Québec’s HD transmission scheduled to launch in June.

Previously, Télé-Québec recorded all broadcasts onto VHF cassette tapes, which not only consumed a large area of physical space, but also made it difficult to locate and retrieve specific clips of aired content. Now, the IT-based Observer system enables operators to search for and view aired video from any desktop using a Web browser interface. Once video clips have been located, operators can download and e-mail them to any interested party, such as advertisers who need confirmation that their commercials aired in full and on schedule.

By automatically recording up to 60 days of aired broadcasts, the Observer simplifies Télé-Québec's ability to respond to public inquiries and comply with Canadian broadcasting regulations for content archiving. In addition, the system’s closed-caption recording option will enable the station to begin immediately complying with closed-captioning regulations.

For more information, visit www.volicon.com.