Tilgin unveils PiP capability for Mood 400 IP Set-top Media Center

Tilgin has added picture-in-picture capability to its Mood 400 IP Set-top Media Center.

Picture-in-picture capability enables viewers to preview other channels continuously in PiP windows while watching another channel in the main window. The Tilgin solution facilitates viewing up to eight PiP windows simultaneously.

At the heart of the Mood 400 product family, which offers a range of managed HD IPTV service capabilities, is a common software platform. Support exists for DLNA/UPnP, SIP and IMS allowing providers to deliver expanded service functionality such as remote access, instant messaging, caller ID, VoIP and many other communication and media sharing applications. The Mood 400 product family is based on ST Microelectronics’ SoC chipset.

For more information, visit www.tilgin.com.