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Tilgin introduces new home gateway products

Tilgin has launched a new range of Vood 1000 home gateway products designed to be compliant with the Home Gateway Initiative Release 1.

The new CPE range offers the intelligent functionality needed for delivering next-generation and operator-managed services into the online home.

The products not only enable operators to provide fast, flexible and competitive triple-play services but also allow them to expand their broadband offerings to include new IMS-based services. By focusing on improved service delivery and functionality, the broadband home gateways enable operators to deliver more and better services.

The new Vood 1000 gateways offer ADSL2+ or Ethernet WAN connectivity along with servicing switch and routed fixed/wireless LAN. Voice over IP is provided for analog and ISDN telephones, with support for wideband codecs that deliver high-definition audio. They also enable multiple high-definition IPTV streams to be simultaneously delivered within the home.

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