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Teradek Launches Vidiu X Encoder

Teradek Vidiu X
(Image credit: Teradek)

IRVINE, Calif.—Teradek has introduced the Vidiu X, a HD streaming encoder designed for live streaming videographers and content creators. With Vidiu X, users can capture and encode live video via H.264 video compression to broadcast it in HD to streaming platforms.

The Vidiu Xm which is designed for 1080p60 video, is HDMI compatible, able to plug into cameras, hardware switchers and media players with HDMI outputs. It also works with Teradek’s Sharelink cloud streaming platform, enabling users to broadcast to multiple streaming destinations simultaneously, as well as to combine bandwidth from Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB modem and several LTE connections to create a single uplink to broadcast from any location.

The encoder also works with Vidiu app for iOS and Android so users can locally configure their destinations, streaming settings and network connections from their smart devices. The app also allows for monitoring of live feeds.

Additional features include the ability to mount Vidiu X on a camera; USB-C power; and Wi-Fi6 capability.

Teradek has priced the Vidiu X at $699. For more information, visit