Teracue launched IPTV Encoder

German video streaming vendor Teracue has launched the ENC-300-DVI-PORTABLE compact encoder for digital signage streaming applications. This H.264 SD/HD video encoder processes DVI with analogue audio and HDMI, with embedded audio signals. Video resolutions up to full HD format can be processed, as well as special DVI formats, such as 1600x1200 or 1920x1200.

In a Digital Signage application, the output of a Digital Signage PC player is first captured with the ENC-300 encoder. Advertising and infotainment content can then be transmitted to hundreds of television sets or to PC users. A typical example is hotel casinos, where selected digital signage content can be provided as additional television channels in hotel rooms via the IPTV system. The playback of the HD signage content is possible on cost-effective standard IPTV set-top boxes, such as the Amino 140 series. An individual video data stream can be sent to as many end devices as required, by using multicast stream transmission.

The Teracue IPTV encoder products will be shown at ISE 2012 Amsterdam Jan. 31 to Feb. 2.