Telestream Vantage Sets Up Shop at Syncro Services

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Tasked with processing and managing 1,000-5,000 HD media files per week, Syncro Services Digital Media recently installed a Telestream Vantage Media Processing platform in an effort to automate its workflow.

The main duty of the Vantage platform at Syncro is assist with the processing of 15-, 30 and 60-second commercials, including the creation of multiple versions to meet all required technical specifications. These versions can require different standards, formats, frame rates, codecs and wrappers; slate and/or non-slated; closed captioned or non-captioned; watermarked and/or non-watermarked; and CALM compliant audio tracks. Syncro has automated its 24/7 workflow with Vantage to handle these tasks.

Syncro’s Vantage workflow is comprised of the Vantage Media Processing platform, Lightspeed Server, Post Producer Automated Content Assembly, MacCaption and Telestream Switch. The Vantage system now helps determine what versions need to be generated for each media file; recognizing source files; directing the media along the appropriate workflow for processing; identifying and fixing technical issues; and flagging files with technical issues or anomalies.

Syncro also points out that it will be able to update the Vantage software as broadcast technology continues to evolve.