Telestream Upgrades FlipFactory and ClipMail

Telestream has added new features to its line of Flipware products. The new FlipFactory V3.0 and the ClipMail V4.0 software releases provide users with new tools designed to help move and manage their media assets more efficiently.

The FlipFactory V3.0 software adds numerous features, including media asset management (MAM), media processing and system administration capabilities. An Indexing module automatically extracts key media attributes such as timecode, scene detection, key frames and closed caption text from source media and provides them as metadata to MAM systems. A Conforming Engine enables rough-cut edits and quick video assembly by conforming multiple source segments into a single clip from EDLs generated by MAM clients. A new Clip Trimming feature provides frame-accurate marking and trimming of media files. V3.0 has encoding support for 4:2:2 and DVD streams for MPEG-2, IPV Spectreview, Clipstream and Sony MAV 70. V3.0 also adds decode support for the Thomson Nextore Server and the SGI Media Server. Other features were added as well.

The V4.0 software release for the ClipMail Pro, ClipExpress and ClipRemote MPEG appliances includes a High Performance Software option, which adds support for long-form content delivery, metadata entry and timecode in GOP headers. The larger file system supports encoding of 50 GB for ClipMail Pro and 10 GB for ClipExpress and ClipRemote systems. Additional features in V4.0 ClipMail include automated media receipt from FlipFactory; MPEG aspect ratio control in elementary streams to specify 4:3, 16:9 or square pixels; and administrative functions that simplify media encoding and delivery for Telestream users.