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Telestream Unveils Vantage Social

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream has added a new addition to its Vantage platform with Vantage Social. This extension of the media processing and workflow automation series is designed to deliver video content to social media networks, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vimeo.

Vantage Social uses the Vantage Media Processing Platform to create processes and deliver video to named accounts on social media platforms in ways that complement existing delivering processes. Vantage Social also provides digital marketing teams with access to managed content and promos.

Communicating in the native format of production systems, Vantage Social allows for videos to be delivered to targeted social media sites at the right time and in the right format. It also offers tools and automation that tag, package and brand video.

Telestream’s Vantage social platform is now available.