Telestream Previews Timed Text Speech Service

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream has announced its new Timed Text Speech service, which uses speech-to-text technology, artificial intelligence and cloud-based processing to create a text transcript of a video and can populate it directly into a captioning project with the correct time. This file-based, auto-transcription service will be shown at IBC 2017.

Timed Text Speech can be used by content creators who need to produce captions and subtitles for time-sensitive content, as well as short form content, like promos, that require captioning. Operators can review the service’s transcription results while the speech engine is processing the rest of the video program.

According to Telestream Product Manager Giovanni Galvez, Timed Text Speech users only pay by the transcription minute and the service can be combined with the Telestream MacCaption/CaptionMaker closed captioning software to create an all-in-one transcription and subtitling/captioning tool.

Telestream will make Timed Text Speech service available in October. In its current version, Timed Text Speech works with English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish language video content; Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin are expected for a later release.