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Telestream Introduces Vantage Version 6.3

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Version 6.3 of the transcoding and workflow automation software Vantage has been announced by Telestream. The media processing platform has added a number of new features to this latest update, including the Timex Text Flip service.

Timed Text Flip is a closed caption and subtitling service that recognizes and automatically processes subtitle and captioning input files from service companies and customers. Burn-in subtitles from standard caption and subtitle files can be produced. The service can also extract caption data from incoming media and convert to subtitle overlay graphics. Unicode and Asian character sets are supported for subtitle overlay.

CEA-608 and CEA-708 caption data can be embedded by the Timed Text Filp into media files without video transcoding. It also has timing adjustment tools like starting timecode adjustment, time stretching capabilities to correct sync issues, and frame rate adjustment to match output formats of the corresponding video. Timed Text Flip can provide captioning and subtitling capabilities to the cloud via Vantage Cloud Subscriptions.

Additional upgrades to Vantage 6.3 include an Adaptive Bit-rate Optimization feature to reduce delivery bandwidth needs within multiscreen distribution applications. Vantage will now also feature Go Pro camera support within Vantage Camera Ingest and extending its Pitch Blue integration.