Telestream Introduces OptiQ Monitor

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream has announced that its new OptiQ Monitor platform is now available. This cloud-based monitor-as-a-service technology is designed for real-time deployment of live ABR monitoring at scale and provides a look at the performance of live OTT channels delivered through content delivery networks.

OptiQ Monitor is designed for users that already have the infrastructure in place to support live streaming channels but lack monitoring channels, including for post-CDN. 

The OptiQ Monitor is a multicloud monitoring service that can be used by Telestream Cloud customers to manage provisioning, configuration and data collection of monitoring products across the globe. The service automatically performs monitoring of a customer’s live streaming channels and it enables users to integrate video monitoring without modifying their existing delivery chain.

Users can measure real-time performance of OTT channels at the CDN edge for every variant concurrently across regions. OptiQ Monitor also features a REST API for automation and integration for on-demand access to network performance and analysis data.

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