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Telestream GLIM Media Player Eliminates Logjam from Remote Workflows

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream has announced the GLIM remote media player designed for ingest QC, engineering, master control, news, post-production applications.

GLIM makes it possible to play full resolution, mezzanine-grade media files from centralized storage over the internet via a web browser, the company said.

GLIM does away with the need to waste hours daily downloading mezzanine grade media files so they can be played back. Many collaborative video production applications require transcoding prior to uploading to the site. GLIM allows users to play files immediately from a browser interface without any delays caused by transcoding and uploading, Telestream said.

“Without GLIM, seeing, hearing and understanding the technical properties of media libraries from remote locations has been nearly impossible. With GLIM, you can now play the unplayable,” said Scott Matics, director of product management, Telestream. “Our customers tell us they’ve wanted a product that could do this for years.”

The GLIM engine is built for remote playback of common broadcast-quality containers, codecs and resolutions. The media player plays back high-resolution and high bitrate media files over bandwidth-constrained internet connections. GLIM also supports inspection of containers, video, audio and metadata properties, it said.

The GLIM engine contains a plugin architecture to interact with Vantage and other third-party systems via web service (REST) calls, thus allowing users to customize how it works within their specific environments, the company said. 

Leveraging standard, proven technology to display media in a browser, GLIM requires no other software to be installed, Telestream said.

More information is available on the Telestream website.