Telestream Creates Standard For VideoElephant

Videoelephant’s Telestream cloud platform runs on the Amazon Web Service.DUBLIN—Founded in Dublin in 2012 with offices also in London, New York and Los Angeles, VideoElephant sources, aggregates and sells premium video content to web publishers, mobile publishers and operators in the VOD/IPTV space who generate advertising revenue from online content. VideoElephant has built one of the world’s largest libraries of premium video content with more than 500,000 videos and more than 1,000 new videos added every day across 16 different languages.

Our customers are looking for both short-form and long-form video content delivered to their Content Management System (CMS) as rapidly as possible. To meet the demand from publishers and partners who are constantly in need of new video content for their web properties, we’ve built an automated event-driven platform for ingest, metadata tagging, cataloging and delivery.


We receive video in our ingestion platform via feeds from our different content providers typically in the form of MRSS—a standard XML RSS feed enhanced for delivering syndicated video media. We read those feeds on a continuous cycle checking for new updates. We receive a wide variety of formats from our sources including MOV, FLV, MP4 both in SD and HD. Once we retrieve new updated video it is automatically sent to Amazon S3 storage where the Telestream Cloud Service flips all incoming content and various codecs into HD MP4, which is our delivery standard.

Encoding our media with Telestream Cloud is a requirement to save time and maximize our efficiency. Since the media is cloud resident in Amazon Web Service S3, we want to perform any processes on that media as close to it as possible. Although there are a number of cloud-based transcoding solutions available, our predictable flow and growth allows us to accurately specify the number of encoders we need at any time from the Telestream Cloud service so we’re not paying for scalability we don’t need.

After the video has been encoded by Telestream, our video gets published in our API and is made available for outbound delivery. When this occurs a series of events are triggered, such as sending data to our search engine or publishing content via third-party APIs/systems.


Our platform consists of a wide variety of products all built internally on a Microservices Architecture allowing us to flex with the business demands. We typically deliver videos via our API, which can produce both JSON and MRSS via curated MRSS feeds or alternatively directly to number of third-party CMS.

Telestream Cloud has been a great choice for us because of the great customer service. They’re very responsive, and we’ve had very few issues, and if issues ever come up they’re always dealt with quickly. The reliability is great, and the cost is fantastic for the product that they offer.

Michael Quinn is the CTO of VideoElephant. He has worked in IT for almost 20 years and has a strong track record of delivering end-to-end solutions in government, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and logistics. He can be contacted

For more information, please visitwww.telestream.comor call 530-470-1300.