Telefunken USA ships its first ribbon mic

Telefunken USA has begun shipping the company's first ribbon microphone, the RM-5C. Designed by Jerry Silvia and David Browning of Silvia Classic Microphones in Santa Cruz, CA, the new mic represents a technical breakthrough in ribbon microphone construction.

The RM-5C's highly directional pickup pattern, improved output level and wider frequency response are achieved through optimal acoustic design and the use of magnetic materials. The result is a cardioid microphone with a frequency response from 30Hz to 18,000Hz and an output impedance that matches well with any high-quality microphone preamp, making the RM-5C well suited to modern recording techniques.

The RM-5C is physically inspired by the classic RCA BK5 microphone. Using the original design as a starting point, the team at Silvia Classics and Telefunken USA created a microphone that is sonically more open, yet still retains the smoothness that is associated with classic ribbon mics. The RM-5C lends itself especially well to brass, but is also applicable for vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, cymbals, percussion instruments and other signal sources that can sometimes seem harsh through more commonly used transducers.

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