Telecast introduces new products

Telecast Fiber Systems announced the release of Cobra II, the latest version of the company's triax-to-fiber camera interface. The Cobra extends the industry's newest digital triax-based camera chains using simple, inexpensive fiber-optic cable.

Initially supporting Sony's new HD digital triax camera chains, such as the HXC-100K and HSC-300K, the Cobra II enables their use over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or within an installed fiber-optic infrastructure. It is ideal for an installation around a building, across a campus, or even 20km across town using metropolitan "dark fiber." Using Telecast Fiber System's TelePort 3G systems, several digital triax cameras can be "muxed" together onto a single pair of fibers, permitting production options never before possible — all at the lowest pricing Telecast Fiber Systems has ever been able to offer for triax-to-fiber technology.

Telecast Fiber Systems also introduced two new members of its Thor family of DVI signal conversion and transport products: the Thor-CBL-HDMI and Thor-CBL-DisplayPort (DP). The Thor-CBL-HDMI is a hybrid cable solution using multimode fibers for RGB and high-speed digital graphic signals, and copper wires for low-frequency HDCP control signals.

The Thor product family includes fiber-optic interfaces for conversion and handling of DVI signals in a wide range of broadcasting and professional A/V applications. In addition to the Thor-CBL-HDMI and Thor-CBL-DP, the Thor product line includes the Thor-S, a combination multiplexer, repeater, and crosspoint switcher; the Thor-C line of analog converters and extenders; and two fiber optic extenders: the Thor-EU for uncompressed video signals and Thor-E for compressed DVI signals.