Telecast Fiber Systems unveils CopperHead 3200

Telecast Fiber Systems has unveiled the CopperHead 3200, the first in the company's new Series 3000 family of camera-mounted fiber-optic transceivers. The CopperHead 3200 is designed to offer an affordable yet powerful mid-range multicasting solution for a range of HD broadcasting applications, including TV news and sports production; electronic cinematography; and multicamera studio, truck and flypack field production.

The CopperHead 3200 provides a robust fiber-optic link between any professional camera or camcorder and the broadcaster's truck, control room or video village position. Over a single fiber connection, the system simultaneously transports bidirectional digital (SDI or HD/SDI) and analog (NTSC or PAL) video, as well as all two-way camera control, audio, video, data, sync, tally/call, prompter and intercom signals between the camera and the base station. In addition, the CopperHead 3200 features a 10/100 Ethernet path to provide camera control for next-generation cameras or a remote link to laptops and servers. Because the system transmits all signals digitally and optically, broadcasters and producers are assured of high-quality video and audio — free from interference, grounding problems or drifting due to temperature variations.