Telecast Announces Multiplexer for Dual Link Signals

Telecast Fiber Systems has released a new camera-mounted, fibre-optic multiplexer for Dual Link digital cinema cameras.

The unit is designed to replace three or four conventional coaxial cables with a single lightweight fibre strand. It provides transmission Dual Link 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 data signals via four 1.5 Gbps data streams.

"The CopperHead DLV-3X1 enables highly mobile acquisition of HD footage during onset and remote production, giving the entire production crew greater freedom of movement in capturing a scene or live event," said Jim Hurwitz, west coast sales manager and camera systems product manager for Telecast Fiber Systems.

Fibre technology allows transmission of high-definition streams up to 14.5 kilometres. The 3.7×5.5×1.75-inch multiplexer is designed to mount between the video camera and its battery. It draws operating power from the camera battery, or may be operated from off-board 12 VDC supplies.

The DLV-3X1 is designed to operate in conjunction with the Telecast Video Village basestation.