Tektronix Replaces VM5000 Video Measurement Set

Tektronix Inc. is now marketing the VM6000 automatic video measurement set, designed to replace the company's VM5000 unit.

The VM6000 features a new hardware platform that provides high-speed signal acquisition, optimized measurement algorithms and an integrated oscilloscope. It is designed to evaluate both analog and digital television signals, including 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, as well as 720p and 1080i and 1080p formats.

The unit automatically determines the video format supplied and provides users with information on such signal parameters as level and noise, and can flag "go--no/go" situations. An optional H.264 capability provides evaluation of MPEG-4 and PC-TV signals.

"With the automatic measurements of the VM6000, video engineers will be able to significantly shorten their development cycles and at the same time eliminate test errors," said Tektronix Video Product Line Vice President, Todd Biddle. "The VM6000 delivers all of the performance, accuracy, reliability, ease of deployment, and test standardization needed for design, development, quality control, and compliance test applications."

Tektronix has also made available the software application packages that allow existing VM5000 instruments to be upgraded to VM6000 video testing capabilities.