Tektronix Releases New Internet Protocol TV Tool

Tektronix Inc. has announced the availability of a new tool for the diagnosis and analysis of Internet Protocol TV. Spectra2|VQM Version 2.0 is a real-time network test tool for monitoring, testing and troubleshooting IPTV.

"Network operators and NEMs need the right expertise and tools to test their IP video service offerings and equipment under real-world conditions," said Richard Kenedi, senior director of diagnostics and communications business at Tektronix.

Spectra2|VQM Version 2.0 supports IPTV media analysis and signaling and allows users to capture real-time video stream statistics. It automatically detects active channels and allows users to manually add stream channels as needed. It can provide a top-level view of all media channels detected and analyzed, including bit-rates, active state of the channels, as well as mode and status.

The Tektronix tool also provides QoS statistics for real-time and speedy fault isolation of live video streams.