Tektronix heralds MTM400A transport stream monitor

Tektronix unveiled the new MTM400A MPEG transport stream monitor for broadcasters and IPTV network operators during NAB2008.

The MTM400A allows users to detect signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution to find and diagnose errors more quickly and, as a result, prevent viewers from experiencing signal loss.

The transport stream monitor features a new FlexVuPlus user interface. The MTM400A with FlexVuPlus provides a configurable common user interface for both confidence and diagnostic monitoring. The new MTM400A enables a faster understanding of initial fault reporting, accelerating time to overall problem resolution.

FlexVuPlus provides a structured hierarchical view of network information, media and data that allows an engineer to make a rapid identification of the root cause of underlying service problems. The new GUI provides configurable key performance indicator (KPI) summaries in a four-window display.

For more information, visit www.tektronix.com.