Tektronix adds new IP video monitoring features to MTM400

Tektronix has added new monitoring capabilities for video services carried across an IP network to the MTM400 MPEG transport stream monitor.

The device now provides simultaneous monitoring of critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for up to 500 MPEG transport streams carried within a GigE link.

It monitors critical MPEG transport stream errors (sync and continuity count), IP packet errors (lost and out of order RTP packets and packet CRC errors) and IP timing (packet inter-arrival time). The transport stream error testing is undertaken at the PID level.

Also newly available is automatic channel changing capability to poll multiple streams for the MTM400 sequentially.

The simultaneous monitoring will ship as a standard feature of the MTM400 with GigE interface and is available as an upgrade for existing customers. Automatic channel changing is available as an option for both new and existing MTM400 users.

For more information, visit: www.tektronix.com.