Technicolor launches Second Screen App

Technicolor has launched MediaEcho, an application synchronizing secondary content with Blu-ray, Video on Demand (VoD) or broadcast programming. Such secondary content including cast, crew and production information, as well as historical facts, can be matched with audio and video on tablet devices, enabling viewers to engage with the program without involving the main screen.

The app can also integrate social media, allowing users to post comments, share content and connect during their viewing experience. E-commerce can be enabled as well within the app, allowing viewers to purchase items related to the program from their tablet.

This app is compatible with both Apple and Android tablet platforms, and will work with most types of content. Synchronization of the content with a Blu-ray feature is made possible through BD-Live technology, enabling two-way communication between any Internet connected Blu-ray Disc player and tablet device.

For broadcast and VoD features, synchronization is accomplished via Technicolor’s own audio watermarking technology, which inserts an inaudible high-frequency sound that can only be recognized by the tablet, allowing the app to synchronize even in the presence of ambient noise.

Technicolor has already teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to launch an interactive Sons of Anarchy application, exploiting both BD-Live functionality and the audio watermarking to deliver synchronized content and e-commerce capabilities to Apple iPads.