Tata Communications Unveils 100G Media Backbone for 4K Production

LONDON—As demands for 4K sports broadcasts increases, Tata Communications has announced that it has developed a 100G media backbone that is designed to assist with growing bandwidth demands.

This new infrastructure from Tata Communications was designed in collaboration with Net Insight to enable broadcasters, OTT companies and eSports businesses to deliver more immersive viewing and gaming experiences. Specifically, the backbone was built using Net Insight’s Nimbra 1060 WAN transport platform, which enables the delivery of IP-based media services across global media networks. Nimbra 1060 will underpin Tata Communication’s global end-to-end managed Video Connect Network.

For major sports events, this infrastructure can support up to 50 raw video feeds and the delivery of unilateral, localized feeds by different rightsholders for their regions, per Tata Communications. In addition, working with other Tata Communications workflows will help with full remote production of these events. The 100G capacity lowers the barriers for global sports organizations to move from satellite-based content distribution to fiber across entire continents, the company said.

For eSports, the 100G backbone helps overcome potential bandwidth issues needed for components like multiple cameras, cutaways, real-time reactions, commentary and editing.

“Viewers, sports fans and gamers increasingly expect immersive, high-quality content—delivered live from the other side of the world or on demand—on a range of different media platforms,” said Dhaval Ponda, associate vice president, media and entertainment, Tata Communications. “This 100G backbone and our managed video services will help our customers innovate with agility and become more competitive.”