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TANDBERG shows mobile TV encoding

At NAB2007, TANDBERG Television showed a live demo of its mPlex media processing platform, which converted a single HD video stream into eight separate (200kbps to 300 kbps) streams for display on mobile devices. At the company's exhibit booth, they used a DVB-H transmission and its MPEG-4 AVC encoder (at SD baseline encoding). Main profile is used for traditional TV delivery to display an IP encapsulated stream on a cell phone and other handheld devices. The quality of the 30fps video was very good.

The mPlex demo featured TANDBERG's products, which offer constant or variable bit rate (VBR) AVC encoding, native IP processing and flexible architectures for VBR control and mobile-specific scrambling.

The encoding of VBR channels is integrated with TANDBERG's IPE-10 encapsulator for DVB-H without proprietary control signaling or penalty. The mPlex is capable of streaming identical programming to multiple network interfaces simultaneously.

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